Irma Reed-Castellanos


Born in Mexico, and moved to the USA in 2000.

Dedicated to share the traditions  of the Mexican Culture and

recognized as an active promoter by the Mexican Government-

Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores.


“ Cultural-Art ”  is created  to  share the traditions  of  the Mexican Culture in Educational, Cultural and Artistical environments.



In each presentation she gives a detailed explanation and  historical  facts that sustains the value of  icons  exposed. 


She  creates all the elements for her displays and expositions , focusing in Catrinas and Masks made of  paper maché.  

Her pieces are unique being made only one of each one.


Over the last 6  years she has participated in public celebrations and presented lectures about:


 “ Celebration of Life”  Altar de Dia de Muertos  -Day of the Death

 “ The meaning behind tradition” Sugar Skulls- Catrinas and Masks.


Her background includes:


Representation of the Mexican delegation  in Brasil, Norway, New Zealand , USA  for CISV.

Special Education Teaching . SEP

Guest speaker at  University of Mexico UNAM

Guest speaker at  Central Florida University

Degrees in Marketing and Communications. ITESM

Business product manager for German and American corporations

Member of  Saint Augustine Art Association 

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